Monday, January 28, 2019

Next Step

More big news!  If you've been following me via this blog and/or monthly newsletters, you know that I've been spending part of my time based outside of Zurich, Switzerland; part of my time based in Charleston, SC; and the rest of my time traveling for EE and/or SAMS.  Not everyone realizes, but I do the ministry work from all of these locations.  It just looks different depending on where I am!  

I've been in the US since the second week of December and just purchased my flights to return March 1st.  Rather than returning to the Zurich area, though, I'm headed to France!  I'll continue my role as assistant/ELT member; but as you know, am taking more responsibility with the French materials and training.  I've been recommended to be in France for this, and I agree this is a better location for this role...and my French which is a bit rusty.  

I'm sad to leave those I got close to in Zurich and the independence and conveniences I had there, like the 10-minute bus ride to the airport from the apartment there, which in and of itself was a constant reminder of God's provision.  I've learned from the past, though, that it's not worth holding onto blessings when we truly believe the Lord is calling us to move forward.  I trust Him to continue to bless and provide as I head to France.

At this point, it's a "next step."  I still don't have a Visa, so my stay will be under the 90 days I'm allowed.  I expect the Lord to show the next step at the right time.

Speaking of next steps, I may be silent over the next couple of weeks as the next step I'll take here in the US is to head to Florida to take a week-long intensive Women's Development course.  I have a few days left to prep and pack. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2019

One Step At a Time

Sorry it's been a while.  I have been swamped after the New Year.  As a team, we're working on two sets of reports, Congress prep, and the normal communication with our nations.  Personally, I've been writing and editing for our upcoming newsletter, reading books for an upcoming course, prepping for some talks, and trying to work on the French trainings.  I'm happy to have an update!

Backing up, the Swiss team hit a benchmark last year when they were able to translate the Classic materials into French and start implementing some trainings locally in Switzerland.  About a month and a half ago, I had requested the XEE materials from Canada.  I knew they existed, at least the written materials, because one of my very first meetings in Indonesia at the Congress of Nations 2016 was with a group of French-speaking leaders from Canada, Europe, and Africa.  It took a while, but I received them Friday!  Just like that, we went from no XEE in French to a draft to work with.  I say draft because Canadian French is a different dialect from the French spoken in France and will need to be revised.

Et voila!  It's amazing seeing
 it in French!

This is a huge leap and something I'm personally excited about since I'm trained in XEE and can hopefully contribute my knowledge of the tool to those who revise.  The next step is to find the right people who can work together to revise the materials.  They obviously need to be a native French speaker, trained or willing to be trained in EE, and have the time to do it.

Still a lot of unknowns for the coming months, but thanks for praying for me, the Swiss national director, and French-speaking team as we seek to move forward for the French-speaking world in Europe and beyond.