Thursday, June 27, 2019

Congress is Coming Up!

Ready or not, the long-awaited Congress of Nations 2019 is just around the corner.  At this morning's online Congress Planning meeting, we were reminded of how much there is to still do!  On the other hand, it's amazing at all of the progress the teams have made so far.

If you've ever helped plan a large event, you can probably relate to all the "unexpected" and details that require time and attention.  Thankfully I'm detail-oriented, which has helped at the tasks that require precision.  I usually avoid getting into the nitty-gritty so I don't bore you, but it's a large part of what I'm doing these days.  

To give an example, last week I was re-reading a document with passport information that a hotel had written so that our delegates could get Visas.  I noticed that one of the numbers and a birth date were inaccurate even though I had entered it correctly on the original document I'd sent the hotel.  Not that I don't make mistakes because I'm very capable!  And that's just it: there are so many details that, if missed, could cost a delegate their right to enter the host country!  

We're so blessed that our leader, Tony, who is bearing the bulk of the responsibility leads us in humility and dependence on the Lord as he prays for us all in these meetings.  Would you please join us in prayer?   We'd be so grateful!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

From Lux to Charleston

My final days in Lux were filled with fun and of course packing and goodbye's including a Going Away Party.  It was nice to get to visit with friends as well as some local areas I hadn't yet seen.  I left not knowing if I'll return or not.  The invitation is open, but it will depend on several factors and next steps with ministry goals and how to best meet them.

Group went to see La Voix du Pardon (I Can Only Imagine) at the cinema.
Got to try a Burgundy dish (oeufs meurettes) with Sara

Going Away Party Potluck

Pétanque: Based on the pictures I saw, I use improper form,
but I managed to win us some points. 😉

Philippe and Raphaël praying for me
The transition back has been very nice, though I came back to a lot with 4 major events over the weekend alone!  Even though I do miss a lot when I'm away and I admit that the travel can be taxing; I'm amazed how God has graced me with the privilege to be in Charleston for important moments like my nephew's graduation party and niece's birthday.  

Nephew graduated!
I'm also grateful to have used vacation days upon my return.  Wow, this helped so much.  I'm usually a bit stressed when I jump back into work when I'm tired and also trying to see family and friends.  This time, I could relax and give myself permission to do just that.

With family and friends celebrating my niece's birthday

Back to work today (Wednesday).  We continue to prep for the Congress of Nations in August.  That's an ongoing prayer request as it requires a tremendous effort from many especially at EEI, but also the European team and the VP's.  May we not underestimate the power of prayer!  I also need wisdom and guidance regarding the French materials and our goals for France in general.

Will keep you posted!