Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Speaking of encouragement and support, it can take on so many forms.  For example, a friend of my mom's who participated in several of St. Michael's GIC events kept telling me that she had a book that she wanted me to read.  She would lend it to me if I thought I had the time, and there was a list of others who would also like to read it.  I agreed and am so incredibly grateful that I did!  It's called The Insanity of God by "Nik Ripken."  

I try to regularly read missionary autobiographies.  Not only do they provide wisdom, experience, insight, and inspiration; they also address the challenges, hardships, and struggles.  Even more, the book of Revelation assures us that followers of Jesus overcome Satan by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. (12:10).  When we share our stories with others, we are putting God's Word into practice and doing just that: overcoming our accuser and adversary, the devil.

One nugget (of which there were many!) was the power of praise through song.  Maybe it stood out so much because we were also talking about this in the Bible Study I'm doing.  Then I noticed that the Psalm I read a couple of mornings ago was addressed to the "director of music" or "choirmaster" depending on the version.  How cool if you're a worship leader for some of the Psalms to be addressed to your vocation!  

It's also encouraging as next week's security training approaches to be mentally preparing with a read like this that has hopefully toughened me up so that I don't cave on Day 1 (prayers highly appreciated!).

It's not an easy book to read, but it is incredibly powerful and inspiring and challenging in the best way possible.  It's more than one man's story, but a compilation of stories of our brothers and sisters throughout the world who have overcome and need our involvement and prayers.  In my own effort to encourage you, I highly recommend it and will link his website:  

Much to Be Thankful For

Things have started picking up as far as support goes.  I have a long ways to go, but I'm a "glass is half full" type. :).  I was so encouraged at a party a friend hosted a couple of weekends ago.  There was a nice turnout with 4 out-of-town friends who came and some others I don't get to see too often!  I was regretting having taken on making a Boba tea station for everyone to make their own as it gave me a lot of extra things to do on a very busy weekend.  Then again, it was so fun to introduce a room-full of people to an Asian beverage which has hit the streets of Charleston the past couple of years.  Another fun thing is that since even friends don't know my exact location, I can get away with representing different countries with my attire or snacks. :)

As far as the presentation part, I guess it's the teacher in me, but I really do like sharing with others.  There's so much I have to learn myself, but I focused on unreached people groups, the Anglican Diocese of Singapore (which is the Diocese I will be a member of), as well as some of the personal challenges I'm either going through or expect to.  I always like sharing, but to be surrounded by friends who have known me for quite a while was extra special.

I was also encouraged that a couple of friends at the party have offered to host another party for me, one of which we're in the thick of planning. :).  In the meantime, I've had a couple of donors increase and/or double their giving and several unexpected donors.  I am so grateful for the various ways that our God provides.  I've also been invited to a women's prayer retreat in March for them to pray for me during their Prayer for the Nations.  Just wanted to take the time to celebrate and thank God for His answered prayer, provision, and blessing and many ways that He's at work!  Thank you for praying!

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


I wish I'd had the time to write stories from every day, but I'll share a summary of the week's events.

In addition to three services (8, 10:30, and 6:00), I represented SAMS at the Ministry Fair at 9:15 and gave a MAP talk at 12:30.  I was thankful for a small group of people who were able to hear more about SAMS and what I'm doing in particular.

Opening Day of GIC at the
10:30 joint service 

How grateful we all were for the ministry time that morning after the long Sunday.  It was sweet and special to have a time of worship, liturgy, centering prayer, and praying for one another as well as sharing Communion together.

That afternoon, I loved visiting some of the older members of St. Michael's at the Canterbury House. I hated to leave the two ladies I joined on the couch.  They were so sweet and interested in me as a person, and I felt their appreciation to be engaged in conversation.

Listening to a gentleman at the Canterbury House tell stories of his past service as a chaplain

That evening, we were welcomed to the rector's home for a nice evening to meet others in the Vestry and ministries at St. Michael's.

I was thankful for a morning off where I had time to sit in the Lord's presence, which inspired my Thursday night's visit to a life group.

We were invited to a staff luncheon where we had the chance to meet the staff.  Not only was it nice to have a meal provided, but meals are such a nice occasion to get to share with others to get to know them and just fellowship.

Or should I say Super Wednesday!  I visited the children first.  I decided to go all out and wear a Southeast Asian outfit a friend gave me a couple of weeks ago.  I had a few pictures of Asian children, a map, and asked how many of them had Bibles and why Bibles are even important.  Their answers were entertaining. ;).  I finished by explaining that's why I'm going, to help the people in SE Asia who do not even have a Bible, which is like food to our spirits, to be able to share the Good News with them.  After worship and a meal, I visited an Alpha group to share a bit about SAMS and myself.

The children liked the animated map of Asia that featured different animals.

It worked out to not have anything scheduled Thursday morning so that I could attend my weekly Bible Study with my twin sister who was in town and have lunch with her and mom.  That evening I joined a life group of young adults.  It was a really encouraging time.  I felt so well-received and comfortable to share what the Lord had put on my heart.  It's always refreshing to be in the company of those who are walking the walk as this group sure seems to be!

I joined several other mission partners for a couple of local tours.  We started with lunch at the Tri County Family Ministries who served us an impressive meal!  It's wonderful the ways they are ministering to the needy in this area.  Then we went to tour Water Mission which has grown over the years and continues to respond to disasters and countries in need of clean, safe water.

Water Mission Warehouse

That evening was the international banquet where Keith Wheeler--a man who has carried a cross all around the world--spoke.  I appreciated his childlike faith, humility, and courage to obey the Lord's call.  He shared how a guy earlier that day had asked him why he carries the cross.  When he asked him what he thought of, he said "Easy, Jesus."  Keith used some analogies to challenge him that most people see a cross without seeing Jesus at all!  After he spoke, the meal was so nice, and I was able to share what God is doing in my country of service in three minutes. :)

Saturday was the Women's Luncheon where I was one of two speakers.  It was an honor to speak and share about God's calling on my life and the process of what that has looked like.  In a nutshell, I shared that it actually hasn't always been clear, but out of my relationship with the Lord, trusting that I'm hearing His voice, and following how I believe He is leading me has gotten me to each step along the way.

Speaking at the Women's Luncheon
Last day of 3 services, India report, chill lunch, and debrief.

The problem with a summary is that I'm not really conveying the surprise and joy of so many "God moments," the connections, the richness of the fellowship, the family feel.  It was a long week, and I took a Sabbath Monday, but  "how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!" as David said in Psalm 133.  I'm incredibly grateful to St. Michael's for the love they poured on us as mission partners and the way that they respond to God's call to mission locally (in Jerusalem), along the east coast (Judea and Samaria), and globally (to the ends of the earth).

You Never Know Who's Praying!

Saturday morning, the day before GIC began, I was sitting in the wooden pew next to a brother from Burundi.  So nice to get to speak French, yay!  So nice to be surrounded by such beautiful people from around the globe, around Charleston, and other parts of the east coast.  We were giving introductions and being told what to expect in the coming week, going over the group and individual schedules.  As we were making our way out, I recognized the young lady at the end of my pew, but I just couldn't remember how I knew her.  We both smiled and greeted one another, and she said, "I've been praying for you!"  

I was thankful that her next breath was the context of where we'd met: New Wineskins!  Then I remembered very briefly meeting her there.  She is a part of the LAMB Institute down in Honduras, a wonderful ministry that I recommend learning more about.  She went on to say that I was the only person whose name she put in her phone to pray for, and she did pray during my 3-week trip to Southeast Asia.  She was excited to see me again post-trip and to hear how positive the trip was and that I am now prepping and planning to leave this summer.

As we talked more, I learned that all of the missionaries with LAMB are SAMS missionaries.  Yay!  We decided to share a table together and then a room for our MAP talks.  It's so amazing how God interconnects us for His work.  He has the big picture in mind.  I'm humbled and blessed that he would put me on the heart of a then-stranger (though a sister in Christ and now a new friend!) to pray for me.  I'm incredibly grateful as that trip was a critical step in my future, not just deciding if I would return, but in future decisions once I'm there.  So thankful to a God who moves His people to pray and thankful for His people who respond, including you!

Our Help Is In the Name of the Lord

Last week was St. Michael's Global Impact Celebration Week where they hilight the call to mission for all followers of Jesus as well as their mission partners locally, along the east coast, and throughout the world.  I was asked to represent SAMS, which was such an honor.  

I have lots of history with St. Michael's having attended their youth group way back when, volunteering in college for the youth, and having been introduced to healing prayer ministry through them.   My sister used to be a member before she moved, and my parents are current members.  I sat with St. Michael's at both of the New Wineskins I attended!  Needless to say, it's a place I feel very connected to still.

As we met together last Saturday to rehearse and prepare for the week+ ahead, I was not at my best.   It had been a very rough week, and I was not feeling strong or ready for the intense week that lay ahead.  So what delight I had upon reading the Word that the Lord offered me last Sunday morning before the long day's events.  As I read each verse, identifying with David in the opposition and helplessness he faced, I found hope.   Each line was like receiving water in a dry land and food after a fast where each bite is savored.  

If it hadn't been the Lord who was on my side, I too, would've been eaten alive!  And just like the bird who had escaped the snare of the fowler, I felt caught in the enemy's trap, but was now being released by the mighty hand of God.  It wasn't going to be easy.  I had extra responsibilities throughout the week in addition to GIC and was physically low on energy.  Each day would require faith in this Word and trust to walk it out, but how wonderful that we have a God who is able to give us His Word as a weapon against our spiritual enemies.  He did not disappoint.  What an amazing week it was!  For those who prayed, I am so, so thankful!  Our help is truly in the name of the Lord!