Monday, August 1, 2016

Open Doors

We hear the expression of "open" and "closed" doors a lot, or at least I do.  In the Bible, God acknowledges that He has placed an open door that no one can shut.  I think the context here is more of a spiritual/heavenly nature, but I also agree that life presents itself with "open" and "closed" doors.  

Doors in Luzern, Switzerland

I'm going to focus on the open doors in this post, though I believe that God can and does direct us through closed doors as much as He does the open ones.  I'm finding I sometimes expect "open doors" to be effortless and obvious. This summer (winter), I've been humbly reminded that this is not always the case.  

My first day in Switzerland, I encountered three doors that were "open"--or at least able to be opened, if only I could figure them out!  I should've remembered the locks in Europe are opposite and a bit more involved than those in the US, but it's been a while!  Needless to say, lefty loosy, righty tighty doesn't work there!  So, as I fumbled my way spinning and pulling, I had to accept that I didn't know how to open the door! 

When something in the natural happens three times in one day, it catches my attention; and I start considering spiritual lessons.  I think there is one.  Each of those physical doors that day--and repeatedly throughout the past couple months--were for me to go through, but I just didn't know how to open them! 

I don't think God teases us, but I do think He likes when we approach Him with our questions and ask for help!  So, as I am in a transition stage with some doors that need opening, my prayer is for help to know how and not give up at the first ..or third...sign of frustration and even incompetence.

Psalm 24 also reminds us of our part in a broader sense to open the doors and gates of our lives for God Himself as King to come in and bring His reign.  Yes to open doors--to Him and through Him!

Open gate in Asia

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