Friday, July 29, 2016

From Australia to Indonesia

My time in Australia was wonderful, full of reunions and meeting new people.  I attended some of Figtree Anglican Church's missions conference, which was encouraging on many levels. It's always a blessing to see how God's people are engaged in building God's kingdom.

Figtree Anglican Church Missions Conference

Because of my connections last summer through the internship, there's a tie and sense of family with those at the church already. I was also encouraged by the kids' church who were hi lighting South Carolina!  It was an unexpected blessing to get to share a bit and get prayed for especially since I'm halfway across the world from my own church and family.

Sharing with Kids Church at FAC about being a missionary and South Carolina :)

I also was able to process some with friends as well as enjoy things that I love like nature, shared meals, and sunshine!

After bush walk at Mt Keira with friend Janine from last year's internship

Speaking of sunshine, I'm now in Indonesia where it's shining brightly and much warmer than the past couple months. Anyone who knows me even a little knows that this is no complaint, but a huge cause of thankfulness.

We start a couple of conferences starting tomorrow.  I'm super excited to gather with others from all over the globe. I have much to learn and would appreciate your prayers for all of us as we travel and adjust to a different climate and mix of cultures. Thanks for following!

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