Wednesday, September 28, 2016

When in Charleston...

When I returned to Charleston a month ago, I had a few goals before I leave again for a final round of training next week: visit friends and family, raise support, and start packing and moving. 

          Sis time in Jacksonville

Less than a week after my return, I hopped yet another plane to Pittsburgh for training with SAMS (Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders).  Since I am going as a missionary, I've been counseled to go through a sending organization, and if you haven't heard the amazing story of how I learned about them, it's worth asking me sometime! Definitely an answer to prayer.  And to answer the question many of you keep asking, once I have an account to start raising support, I'll post and let you know! (Thank you!!)

It's taken a while, and I've had to be very intentional to see friends and family, but I've gotten to connect with many of you.  It's not that I don't want to or love everyone so much, but life can seem like a rat race; and I forget how busy we Americans always are!  I've been really blessed to catch up with new and old friends, and there's still a week+ to go if we haven't caught up yet!

                    Niece time!

    Schaffer girls cheering on nephew

One reason for the busy-ness is that my sister and I decided to sell our condo.  Within a week of us inquiring of the process and before it ever went on the market, the Lord provided buyers!  I won't get into all the details, but it has been a joyful, mouth-dropping experience as both ends have seen God's hand in every step of the way blessing the process and especially with the timing for everyone involved.  Another story to ask about some time.  It's also sad as this has been my home for the past 5 years. and it makes my decision to leave much more real as I won't have my place to come back to when I get "home."

                Goodbye, condo!

    A favorite spot in my beighborhood

So, next stop is Fiji for training (No, I won't be sipping pina coladas at a resort if that's what you're thinking!)  I'll be inland at the training center with people from around the world who are also getting trained attending talks and meetings as well as outreaches.  I'll try to keep up with my blog while I'm there to keep you informed!  I truly appreciate your prayers, interest, and support and look forward to catching up again when I return!  On that note, if you or anyone (church, small group, individual) you know wants to hear more about what God is doing in Europe and the Middle East, please contact me. I'd love to share in person!

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