Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Who, What, When...?

I've had a lot of questions about what I'm doing, where I'm going, when, and how people can help me.  So being the language teacher that I am, I thought I'd answer the "5 Wh questions" (and How :).

Who:  I'm going to be serving full-time with Evangelism Explosion (EE) who equips local churches with a variety of tools to share the Gospel in their local communities.

        National leaders from Europe 

What:  I will join the team in Europe as assistant to the Vice President (of Europe), Helmut Kuhn who I will help equip, support, and direct the national leaders within the various nations of Europe and Middle East as they train locals to share the Gospel.

When:  The goal is to get to Europe as soon as possible after the New Year 2017.  It depends on a variety of factors such as financial support and visa.

Where:  I'll be based outside of Zurich, Switzerland since this is where Helmut resides and works.  I'll also be traveling a lot within Europe and potentially other parts of the world.

           City of Zurich on June visit 
1.  God has commanded believers to go and make disciples of all nations (Matt 28:19).

2.  EE's vision statement (Every nation equipping every people group and every age group to witness to every person.) matches my own mission statement.

    Vision statement with Inggried in Indo

3.  I believe that God has purposes and plans for each of us. As I get to know Him more (in His Word, prayer, fellowship, etc.), I have a clearer picture of who I am and how to follow Him; and this lines up with the vision, desires, and purpose He has put in my heart.

How:  At the risk of sounding super spiritual, all by the grace of God!  Practically speaking, like all EE staff, I will raise support to earn my salary and all associated expenses.  SAMS (the Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders) is my sending agency.  If you would like to support me financially, click here or write a check to SAMS, PO Box 399, Ambridge, PA 15003 with "preference Anne Schaffer" in memo line.  I'll write future blogs about the How and What. 😊 

Hope that gives a bit of a picture of what's ahead long-term.  Short-term, I'm headed to Fiji for 6 weeks of training and will return to Charleston, SC mid-November till I head off to Switzerland.

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  1. Thanks for catching us up Anne! Exciting! Praying for you!