Thursday, July 7, 2016

Norwegian Vacation

Last Thursday I arrived in Norway!  It's unlike any place I've been before for sure.   Being from the coast, my heart is full every time I look out the front window and gaze upon the North Sea (or it may be an inlet, but gorgeous!)

The past few days have been a time of rest: limited emails and decisions, no meetings, and a good bit of sleep!  While I really, really like the work I've begun, I've learned in life the importance of refrain at the right times, not out if laziness, but to recharge. That time is now! 

It's also been wonderful reconnecting with friends from grad school days.  They're the kind you can go a few years without seeing each other (in person), but catch right up where you left off from.

Not only is it great to be with them, but their lives are such a testimony of God's faithfulness.  Gunnhild and I used to meet on a weekly basis, and a regular prayer in their lives was to have children.  In 2014, they adopted two beautiful Ethiopian children: Nora and Moses.  Shortly after, their daughter (my godchild) Salome was born.  Seeing them all together is a "live" picture of answered prayer to fulfill their heart's desires.  The way they pour into these children and each other is beautiful.

As if that weren't enough, I've gotten to visit several beauties nearby: a bird sanctuary, beach, town of Åelsund, the fjords, and a lighthouse.  I'm not going to lie, I'm so glad I'm visiting in the summer!  When the sun comes out, it's quite strong and even hot, but when it doesn't, brrr!

As I'm about to enter a world where I work with Europeans, I'm glad to broaden my horizons and experience a little more--some of Scandinavia--for myself!  Thankful to do this in the form of a Norwegian vacation!

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