Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My Swiss German Family

In my last post, I wrote about putting love into action and how God calls us to do that. I even gave a couple of examples I've encountered recently.  I have another example of this to share today.  It's the family that I've stayed with during the past 3+ weeks during my entire stay here in Niederhasli (Zurich).

I admit that it's not easy to come into a family's home when you've never met them, especially for that long a period, without a sense of intruding or being a burden; yet this family's attitude and welcome allowed me to do just that!  From the first night to the last morning, I felt so welcome and a part of the family.

Their incredible generosity manifested itself in so many forms, and when you are the recipient of such kindness and love--one that you really can't return--you can't help but learn from this.

It reminds me of the concept of grace that EE (and the Bible!) teaches: how the full life that God offers is a free gift from God, and there is no way to repay Him with good behavior or works.  We simply acknowledge that we don't deserve it, but it is right there available to us.  All we can do is receive with grateful hearts and be changed by it.

I am so grateful for the Burgener family who has given me so much more than a place to stay these past 3 weeks, but has loved me through their sacrifice, kindness, and generosity.  And I am so grateful to the Lord for His offer of free life to all who say "yes" to Him.  I hope that all who read this will humbly say "yes" to the greatest gift of all: life to the fullest!

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