Sunday, October 2, 2016

Bula from Fiji...again!

If you've been following me, you may be thinking Fiji?! What are you doing in Fiji? I thought you were going to Switzerland!  Well, I am.  So, let me explain...

Reuniting with some of our lovely Fijian ladies

After a short, medium, and super long flight starting Wednesday early afternoon, I arrived at the Nadi Airport super early Friday morning.  It's always strange just losing an entire day coming to this side of the world, but it's not like it was a surprise. When I left Fiji last time, I had a sneaky suspicion that I'd return one day; but I didn't know that it would be for another 6 weeks of training!  That is what has brought me back here.  This time is Leadership Development Training for those going into full-time service with EE.  I'll try to fill you in along the way on what types of things I'm learning and experiencing, but for the past 48 hours, it's mostly been reuniting, resting, and prepping for the conference. 

I may or may not have spent some time here this Sunday afternoon. :)

I'm thankful to have had a couple of days to get over jet lag before we start full-force. We'd all appreciate prayers for health and grace as we embark on 6 weeks of close quarters with 22 people from 12 different nations.  Vinaka! (Thanks!)

Where I'll be spending a LOT of time the next 6 weeks

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