Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Take two!

"You are part of a group who was never supposed to exist." 

Joana's words pierced the air in the training center last Saturday.  She had arrived from Australia to teach us communications. As if to drive the point even further that God has chosen us, she informed us of the bigger picture:

Eight years ago, a donor had provided funding for a project called Implementation Field Worker (IFW) Training.  Not only did the funding run out last year, but sadly the man who had run the program recently passed away from cancer. This meant no money and no leader.

But God had a different plan: someone provided funding, and Rod (VP of EE Internstional) pooled together people to teach and lead another training!  Take two!

    Practicing dramas: God is both 
                  loving and just 

Apparently it's been a bit different than normal; but I have a feeling it's just what it's supposed to be for this time.

Back to Joanna: she taught us a lot about how to communicate effectively, and today we had to perform dramas we learned last night in front of the class while getting critiqued!  Then take two as we re-performed trying to improve.  I'm not gonna lie. It was scary!  But good.  And really funny.  

  Hope 4 Kids skit: Heaven is a free gift 

The skits were prep for the Hope 4 Kids (H4K) and XEE workshops we're running later this week and next. It's quite a challenge as some of us, like me, have never learned H4K before, but we're up for the challenge!  

Giving demo: Jesus paid our debt and     
    restored our relationship with God

Still, please be praying for us!  We'd really, really appreciate it!

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