Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Who turned off the lights?

And the water, the fans, and the Internet?  Apparently the Fijian government!  To provide a very large hotel that is under construction and requiring extra power, they are cutting power in other parts (ours) on a daily basis lately.

On the one hand, we adjust and make the best of it, like having class outside!  (It's actually cooler because of the breeze and shaded burré, i.e. canopy structure.  On the other hand, it causes real issues like not being able to flush toilets, wash hands, or keep the refrigerator cold.  Or use the Internet, which restricts learning resources as well as communication (So sorry if I haven't replied to you.  I want to!).

We have much to be thankful for, and we even have a generator to rely on a bit, but it can't support all of our needs and was down yesterday all day.  We would appreciate prayers for good health, good attitudes (which have been so far!), and ability to accomplish everything we need however God chooses to do that, electricity or not. Vinaka!!

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