Thursday, June 9, 2016

A New Season!

The question is: which season is it?  I’m leaving a very hot, humid hometown of Charleston, SC for a much milder, even cooler Europe!  But it’s still summer there.   And yet it’s winter in the hemisphere I’ll head to next!  Anyhow, life is interesting how it presents us with different “seasons,” one contrast being a time for birth and a time for death.  That’s very real to me and those in my life right now as there’s been a bit of “dying.” Not to be morbid or overly dramatic, but emotionally--for me and for them--as I leave those I love.  Yet it’s with the hope of the birth of something new--not just for my own ife, but I hope for many others.

What I love about the Christian life is that it is marked by resurrection!  Even though we will experience loss and death of all sorts, we can live with hope for new life.  The greatest hope is a full life that will never end, one void of sadness, sickness, or death, where we are in perfect harmony and unity in our relationships... even with our Creator Himself who offers to meet all our needs.  How could we say no to such an offer?  Seasons come and seasons go, but the offer of a full life is for all time!       

(Written in JFK Airport June 6, 2016)

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