Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Sun'll Come Out...

Today, thankfully!  I was a little disappointed when the forecast was all rain for today (and every day next week)  and started out fairly gloomy.  And chilly according to a southern girl's standards!   So I was very grateful when it warmed up to a spring-like day for Charleston.

I spent the morning taking my time unpacking and organizing my things and revising notes before fixing the meal for me and Aurora who came home to eat.  By the way, the Swiss--similar to a lot of Germans--eat a large meal at midday and then don't eat (much) at night.  I'm still on a 3 decent meals a day regime. :)

I went to the office this afternoon to do some planning with Helmut, worked at home afterward before walking the dogs with Aurora in the beautiful nearby forest/field/pathways that surround the village of Niederhassli where I'm staying.  

Tomorrow's plan is get a few (research) tasks for EE completed during the day before I help Helmut with a project and then watch the European Championships (soccer) tomorrow night!  Since the sun is not projected to come out this weekend, I'll try to enjoy it while it lasts tomorrow as well!

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