Thursday, June 16, 2016

Beyond Switzerland

This week has been full of all sorts of meetings, correspondence, and travel arrangements.  And I love it!  It's been so helpful to start gaining a picture of who EE Europe is as well as my place here.  While I genuinely enjoy using administrative skills to assist and relieve others to do their job better, I've also loved getting to "meet" others via Skype and in person.

This week, we've had Skype meetings with people in the Czech Republic, Albania, and Hungary.  It's encouraging to see those with a heart and vision to invest in God's Kingdom.  On the other hand, we also hear the challenges and difficulties.  It's both humbling and exciting to be a part of a team who is responsible to face these challenges and help support them to bring the needed changes for growth.

Later today I'll get to go to the Swiss capital of Bern to attend Helmut's class at a seminary there.  Then tomorrow we'll travel to Frankfurt, Germany for an EE meeting. Super thankful for all that I'm getting to observe and experience in these few weeks here.  

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  1. Love following your journey.,,thanks for blogging:)