Thursday, June 9, 2016

First Day in Zurich

I got in late Tuesday night and hit the ground running Wednesday morning...quite literally actually!  Helmut--who I'm talking with about being his assistant--came to the home where I'm staying to walk over to the church at 8:30 AM.  En route, the rain came down, so we picked up the pace and had just reached a good speed when the pastor of his church honked the horn at us and picked us up in his vehicle.  Impeccable timing!

I spent the day at a New Life meeting.  This is a group of local and regional pastors and para-church leaders who meet together four times per year to share what is happening and pray for each other.  Despite my lack of understanding (all in Swiss German), it was wonderful getting to be there and witness the efforts they take to create and maintain unity!  In the afternoon, the EE Switzerland team met for a meeting, so I performed my first task of taking minutes.  Thankfully the official language of EE Europe is English!

Afterward, I met Helmut's family and saw the office.  At home, I got to meet my host family's daughter and hold her one-month old baby when they stopped in for a visit!  We watched some television together before I got a good night's sleep.  Overall, a great first day!

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