Monday, June 13, 2016

From Niederhasli to Zurich

Yesterday I went to a Swiss German church and was pleasantly surprised that I understood the sermon--well, the overall message!  I was thankful for the songs in high German and one in English. :)  I was also thankful to have a family invite me and take a walk with despite the rain!!!  In the afternoon, my "own" family returned from their weekend away, and we watched a couple of soccer games together.  Love it!

Then today was theology class in Zurich!  Confession School, which is a year-long program one day per week, first met with students from ISTL, a local seminary, for worship.  Then we went to the last class of the year.  They all spoke high German for me, which was very helpful.  I again understood the big picture...somewhat...but definitely not everything. The people were really great, and we ended our time at a restaurant eating tiramisu!  

A lady was going to take me home, but when she had car troubles, she dropped me off at a train station.  I was up for the challenge of ordering my first train ticket and all by myself!  I overheard the man in front of me who sounded great to me, but the clerk detected an accent and spoke to him in English. Determined to not be the next victim, I greeted him in high German and asked for a one-way ticket to Niederhasli.  Success!  At least until he continued and asked me a little too quickly if I wanted the next train. That's when I had to humbly admit that I needed him to speak English.  ;)  On the way home, I was wondering how I would find where I'm staying because I've never been to the Bahnhof (train station).  So I did what anyone should do in a small European village: just keep walking and act like you know where you're going!  And once I crossed the street, I was relieved to see a sign for Spar, one of the grocery stores about 5 minutes from home.  So, I made it back home in one piece just in time to catch the Northern Ireland/Sweden game! :)

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